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Review process

All manuscripts are initially treated by editors to assess their compliance with
the requirements of the journal and the subject.

After the editor decision the manuscripts are sent to at least two external
experts working in this area. Review comments transmitted to the author, together
with a recommendation for a possible revision of the manuscript. Publishing editor
reports to the authors about adopting manuscript without require revision or
authors are given the opportunity to review the manuscript and submit it again, or
manuscript rejected.

1. Requirements for the text

- Font – Times New Roman
- Font size – 10
- Interval -1
- Margins of the document – 20 mm
- Number of pages – 4 – 8
- Article language: Ukrainian, Russian, English

2. Structure of article and requirements for the article
IN UKRAINIAN (No more than 10 words, it
    does not contain abbreviations, strictly correspond to the content of article)
    First Name Last Name,First Name Last Name…. in Ukrainian
    First Name Last Name, First Name Last Name…. in Russian
    First Name Last Name, First Name Last Name…. in English

    Abstract in Ukrainian Not less than 35 words, no more than 50 words, it
    does not contain abbreviations that are understandable only from the context of article
    Keywords in Ukrainian No more than 10 words, do not contain abbreviations
    that are understandable only from the context of article, separated by commas

    Abstract in Russian
    Keywords in Russian

    - to which area of science (production) include studies referred to in Article;
    - justification of the relevance of the problem to be solved by the author.
    Formulation of the problem
    Formulation of the problem in general and in relation to important scientific
    and practical tasks.
    Literature review

Analysis of research and publications in which the problem was solved other
scientists, the allocation of unsolved by parts of the problem which is devoted to
this article.

The main part (give name that reflects the essence of the article)

Formulation of the purposes of article (formulation of the problem); basic
material with the justification of scientific results.

This section of the article may include subsections in accordance with the
logic of the presentation of scientific research. Subsections are numbered.

Approbation of research results

The resulting of research results - practical examples (specific) solutions
(numerical results, graphs, charts, etc.) to assess the adequacy of the proposed
theoretical solutions and their implications.

This section can specify in what production have been introduced or can be
introduced studies and specific examples of the industrial


- Sources are made according to ДСТУ ГОСТ 7.1:2006
- Sources must be at least 10
- The list of references should be at least 6 on foreign sources
- The list of links inadmissible use national standards
- The percentage of self-citations - no more than 30% (ie, if you used the 10
links, only 3 of them can to your works)

Abstract in English
- Volume from 100 to 250 words
- Informativeness (not contain common words)
- Originality (do not be copy of the Russian-language summary)
- Rich content (reflecting the main content of articles and studies)
- Structuredness (follow the logic description of the results in the article)

- References in a language articles, translated into English
- References must be completed according to the standard АРА

Information about authors in Ukrainian
Information about authors in Russian
Information about authors in English
- Full name
- Rank, position
- Department
- University
- Address University
- e-mail
- Contact phone
- Number of publications in Ukrainian editions (approximate)
- Number of publications in international journals indexed (approximate)
- H-index (if available)
- Number of ORCID

Drawings, diagrams and diagrams - black-and-white in any pictorial editor
who supports formats bmp, gif, tiff, pcx, jpeg, dwg, cdr, mcd. Use of diagrams and
diagrams Microsoft Excel in graduations of the black is admitted. Drawings foliate
and sign on center of a line a clarendon without a point in the end, interpretation of
labels do before a title of drawing in the italics. Before and after a drawing
title - an interval in 6 pt.

Formulas gather in editor Microsoft Equation 3.0 and center. Foliate only
those formulas on which there are references. Numbers of formulas specify in
round brackets and level by a page right edge. Alignment of formulas and levelling
of numbers is fulfilled by tabulation (but not white spaces!) tuning parameters: a
variable - italics, others - usual, sizes (pt.): usual - 10; a large coefficient - 7;
a small coefficient - 6; a major figure - 16; a small figure - 10.

Tables, as a rule, have under the text after the first mention or on the following
page. A table title specify through a short dash after the number on center of a
line a clarendon without a point in the end. Before and after a table title, and also
before the paragraph, the following after the table, erect intervals in 6 pt.


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